What is Nizza Pizza?

So. You’re chilling at home, twiddling your thumbs and suddenly out of nowhere, your tummy starts to grumble. You’re hangry, irritable and need that one thing you’re always craving – PIZZA! Well, we’ve got exactly what you NIZZA (need-za)!

Welcome to the world of Nizza Pizza! Crafted in a state-of-the-art kitchen, designed to serve you authentic pizzas leaving you eating out of the palms of your hands (it’s true!). And who better than our very own Nizza serving them up for you hot from our wood fire brick oven! So if you are a pizza lover, Nizza Pizza is the right place for you. Place your orders now and have the hottest new pizzas delivered right to your doorstep!

Who in the world is Nizza?

It’s hard to write about yourself without seeming a tad bit pretentious. But here goes… First and foremost, I LOVE PIZZAS! I make them, I eat them, I experiment with them, I feed them, you name it. But when I’m not dreaming about pizzas, I like to dabble in art and photography. You can tell by the beaten-up state of my ukulele that I like jamming too and how!

My body is my canvas and it tells you my entire life story, whether it’s the septum piercing or the decade-old tattoos I got when I was a teen. Oh! And I love a game of FIFA. Not to brag but I sure as hell can beat the boys at it. Try me! I maybe loud and unapologetic but I promise I have the solution for all your pizza needs!

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